The Springfield Armory NHS, in fulfilling the mission set before us from Congress to preserve and interpret the incredible story of Springfield Armory is turning to the public to help in acquiring important firearms and associated artifacts for the museum collection. Candidates for addition to the historic Armory museum collection should be in excellent condition. These might be examples that are not present in the museum, or high-quality examples of firearms damaged in the 1931 museum fire. This list is not comprehensive, but rather indicative of higher priority needs. Contact Alex MacKenzie, Curator at 413-271-3971. Thank You!

• High-quality examples of standard Springfield Armory production
• French Musket, Model 1763/68
• French Musket, Model 1777
• US 1795 Musket with welded bayonet
• Early Springfield Armory and US Contract production firearms
• Model 1795 “Charleville” Muskets
• Unaltered 1808 Contract Muskets
• Model 1807 “Indian Carbine”
• Model 1816 Contract Pistol
• US Model 1842 Two-Band Musket
• US Model 1847 Sappers & Miner’s Musketoon
• US Model 1875 Officer’s Model Rifle
• US Model 1882 Trapdoor Rifle
• US Model 1882 Trapdoor Rifle w/ Triangular Rod Bayonet
• US Model 1896 Krag Cadet Rifle
• US Model 1898 Board of Ordnance and Fortifications Rifle
• US Model 1899 Philippine Constabulary Carbine
• US Model 1898 Krag Gallery Practice Rifle
• US Model 1903 Rifle, NRA Marked
• US Model 1911 Pistol by Springfield Armory

• US Model 1911 Pistol, NRA Marked, by Springfield Armory
• US Army Trial Rifles, Pistols and Carbines tested at Springfield
• Experimental Springfield Armory produced rifles, muskets, and pistols
• US Pattern Models, all types
• Associated artifacts
• Springfield Armory-made tools and appendages, all models
• 19th century production and inspection gauges
• 19th century machinery, fixtures, jigs
• Certain cartridge boxes and leatherwork
• Original Lyle Gun carriage, faking boxes, and tools
• Metcalfe Block for Trapdoors
• Bayonets and Edged Weapons
• Experimental Trowel Bayonets
• Swiss Model 1889 Bayonet
• US Krag Bayonets with Scabbards
• Krag Cadet Bayonet
• Model 1915 Bolo Bayonet
• Model 1921 Balloonist Knife
• Model 1923 Balloon Knife

For donations contact:
Alex MacKenzie, Curator
(413) 271-3971